Pineapple Baby Blanket

by Chan Vu, May 15 2017

It's the season to celebrate babies everything! If you are like me, you're probably getting invitations to baby showers, sprinkles and 1st birthday parties left and right! With so many parties underway, it's hard to find the perfect gift for your friend or sister's baby. I feel that gifts are best when personalized. That is why I created this pineapple baby blanket. No kidding, some people call their unborn baby, Pineapple. So this print is so fitting. If your friends have a particular name for their unborn baby, use the fruit or veggie name to make this DIY stamped blanket. By the way, Pineapple is so perfect for the season right now. 



Wood burning tool

block of hard foam

1 yard white cotton jersey fabric

green non-toxic fabric paint

yellow non-toxic fabric paint

print-out of pineapple picture




2 plastic plates


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1. Cut out a picture of a pineapple and separate the crown from the pineapple. 

2. Tape the picture on the foam block. 

DIY Pineapple Baby Blanket

3. Cut the foam block to shape around the picture. You should have 2 small squares.

4. Heat up the wood burning tool. Melt the foam around the picture. Use the picture to guide you on where to melt off the foam to make a stamp.

DIY Pineapple Baby Blanket

5. Remove the pineapple picture. On the foam surface, draw thin lines that resemble hashtags throughout the surface of the pineapple. Do not press the wood burning tool too hard into the foam. Draw using light strokes.

DIY Pineapple Baby Blanket

6. Lay the cotton jersey flat. It's best to lay something underneath the cloth to protect your surface because the paint might bleed through.

7. Dip the pineapple stamp in yellow paint. Use the other side of the plate to smear off the excess paint on the stamp. Carefully stamp the cotton jersey. 

DIY Pineapple Baby Blanket

8. Dip the crown in green paint and line it up on top of the pineapple to finish the look.

DIY Pineapple Baby Blanket 

9. You now have a DIY stamped pineapple! Continue to stamp the rest of the blanket. Let the paint dry.

DIY Pineapple Baby Blanket

10. Heat set the paint by tossing it in the dryer for 45 minutes on high.

DIY Pineapple Baby Blanket

DIY Pineapple Baby Blanket

DIY Pineapple Baby Blanket

The pineapple baby blanket is ready to be gifted! You can monogram the blanket if you like. The idea is to give the little pineapple (or pumpkin, peanut or sweet pea) something personal just for them.

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