Sculpey Sunflower Catch-All Bowl

by Lynn Lilly, Aug 30 2023
Nothing makes me feel more like fall than sunflowers! I have so many fun memories of visiting sunflower fields with my family. When our team was brainstorming Fall projects we knew we definitely wanted to do a Sunflower craft. With the new Sculpey Souffle colors that just came out we thought the perfect sunflower craft would be a catch all sunflower bowl. Hope our production manager and our resident Sculpey expert took on this project and I absolutely love how it turned out! 
  • Sculpey Souffle in Ivory, Yellow Orchre
  • Sculpey Premo in Copper, Bright Green Pearl
  • Cricut 
  • Transfer Tape
  • White Vinyl
  • Foil
  • Rolling Pin
  • Sculpey Baking sheet
  • Permanent Marker
  • Craft Knife
  • Petal shaped cutter

Project Video:


  1. Mix your two souffle colors together. 
  2. Roll the clay out and use the cutter to cut at least 8 petals. 
  3. Take the foil and form it into a hoop. 
  4. Place it on the baking sheet and add the petals inside the circle slightly overlapping them. 
  5. Roll a ball of the brown clay and place it down it the center of the flower petals and flatten. 
  6. Roll out the green clay and cut out at least 2 leaves using the same petal cutter. 
  7. Carefully lift up the petals and place the leaves underneath the petals slightly pushing them together. 
  8. Use the craft knife to add veins to the leaves and flowers. 
  9. Bake at 275 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 mins in your home oven.
  10. Use your Cricut to cut out your monogram on white adhesive vinyl.
  11. Weed your design and place transfer tape on top of. Apply pressure to pick up the design. 
  12. Once the baked clay is cool use a permanent marker to add spots in the brown flower center. 
  13. Place the vinyl on the transfer tape on the clay. Apply pressure and remove the transfer tape. The monogram will stick to the clay. 

We absolutely love how this turned out!!! Check out all the new Sculpey colors and products for 2021 on

DIY Sculpey Sunflower Bowl

Sculpey Sunflower Bowl

Happy Fall! 

xoxo- LL

This post is sponsored by Sculpey but all thoughts and opinions are my own! 

DIY Sculpey Sunflower Catch-All Bowl

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