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by Lynn Lilly, Nov 02 2016
A long hot shower is one of my favorite things to get me ready for our crazy busy work days. Long hot showers are amazing but create not so amazing high water bills. We are excited to team up with Delta to show you how easy it is to swap your old shower head for a  Delta In2ition Showerhead featuring H2OKinetic Technology. Not only is it s super easy swap but it will save you money on your water bill by controlling the speed, movement and droplet size of the water, this technology creates the feeling of more water while actually using less.  The Delta In2ition features a showerhead and hand shower in one, offering the soothing comfort of a showerhead and the convenience of a handheld shower for ultimate flexibility in the bath. Delta In2tition showers with H2Okinetic® Technology feature a detachable handshower, which can run separately or simultaneously with the showerhead base, giving the user the comfort of water streaming from the showerhead position and the flexibility to accomplish other tasks, such as bathing children, washing pets and cleaning the shower. Rosanna and her husband just had a beautiful baby girl and we thought this would be the perfect addition to the nursery bathroom. And as a bonus we thought you need one too, so we are GIVING one lucky winner a  Delta In2ition Showerhead! Enter below and check out how easy it is to install with our step by step instructions below! 
Delta In2ition Showerhead
Simple Installation Instructions:
  1. Remove your old showerhead. 
  2. Hand tighten the big showerhead to your existing shower arm.      
  3. Use one end of the hose and screw it into the hand shower. Take the other end of the hose and screw it into the big shower head.   
  4. Insert the hand shower into the shower head and clip into place.  
  5. By turning the lever on the shower head, you can control the water to come out on the shower head, hand shower or both. 
  6. The lever on the hand shower controls the type of water pressure you want.
  7. Get ready to save water and enjoy a luxurious showering experience!
The Delta In2ition Showerhead featuring H2OKinetic Technology is available exclusively at The Home Depot. 
More helpful facts: 
H2Okintetic Technology features an internal system that sculpts water into a unique wave pattern to control speed, movement and droplet size for the feeling of more water without using more
Don't forget to register below to win a Delta In2ition Showerhead of your very own! 
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Lynn & Rosanna
Win a Delta In2ition Showerhead featuring H2OKinetic Technology

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