Steak Au Poivre

by Chan Vu, Oct 25 2016

 On this episode of The Bon Vivant, Sean O'Keefe is showing you how to prepare a fabulous fall dinner with Steak au Poivre. 

Tune in to watch Sean sharing a new and creative how-to for making high end entertaining simple. To binge watch The Bon Vivant with Sean O'Keefe, download Craft Box Girls Apple TV application in the Apple TV app store for free. 

Learn more about The Bon Vivant with Sean O'Keefe:
Start with a pinch of personality, add a dash of drama, a hint of humor and a splash of current trends, you have a recipe for the The Bon Vivant with Sean O'Keefe. Sean O'Keefe will explore cooking, entertaining, decorating ideas and explain why we should be growing food instead of lawns. He also believes in urban bee keeping. His stinging sense of humor will inspire you and teach you to celebrate life’s every pleasure at home, in your community and across America. In a word…Sean is delicious.

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