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by Lynn Lilly, Oct 17 2017

Over the last few weeks, I have been working hard to get the nursery ready for Baby Lily's arrival in December. Two weeks ago our work came to the end when I discovered a terrible leak under the sink in the bathroom in the nursery. Because this bathroom was in a guest bedroom that was never used the leak had gone unnoticed for a long time, creating black mold and destroying the bottom of the vanity. This disaster took a whole day to clean and repair (thanks to my Dad).

How icky is this (not what you want to happen in your nursery bathroom)

This whole mess could have been avoided if I would have had a Delta® Leak Detector under the sink. I am thrilled to be partnering with Delta to share a review and details on this must-have household product! After the horrific mess that happened in the nursery bathroom I am putting one of these under every sink in our house! 

The versatile, always-on, device identifies unwanted water virtually anywhere, helping you avoid thousands of dollars in water damage. Simply place near a potential water source, download the mobile app, connect your home's Wifi network and should a leak occur-big or small- the detector quickly notifies you on your smartphone. 

Delta Leak Detector

Below I am taking you through the step-by-step set up of the device and testing it under my bathroom sink. 

1. Open the packaging and install three AAA batteries in your leak detector (huge bonus- batteries are included). 

2. Download the mobile application in the App Store or Google Play.   

3. Set up your account and connect the leak detector. 

4. Decide where you will put your leak detector and add the location to the app. Make sure to place it directly under or next to the potential water source. You want the water to hit the leak detector if a leak would occur.    

5. Next, I tested by the detector by adding a few drops of water to the top. 

6. Within seconds the detector alarm went off and I was notified with a push notification my phone.  

7. I logged into the app and immediately saw the leak notification. If you have multiple devices it detects exactly which one experienced the leak.  

The device resets when you acknowledge the leak on the app and have cleaned it up. It always remains on to detect leaks 247.  It also records data points like temperate, battery life and wifi signal.

Delta Leak Detector

The Delta Leak Detector has become a staple in our home and has now become our most popular housewarming gift for friends and family! You will never regret investing in a smart device that can save you thousands of dollars in damage and many headaches!  I feel so comforted knowing the Delta Leak Detector is watching over Baby Lily's nursery 247! 

To learn more about the Delta Leak Detector please visit Delta's Website

As a bonus, you can enter the upcoming Delta Sweepstakes to you win your own Delta Leak Detector. All you have to do is post a photo or video on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #LeakDetectSweepstakes and tag @DeltaFaucet. Each week throughout November, four winners will be rewarded with a Delta leak detector, and be featured on Delta’s Inspired Living blog! 

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This is a sponsored post for Delta. I am compensated to share my review but all opinions and content are my own. I am truly passionate and recommend the use of the product! 

xoxo- LL

Delta Leak Detector

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