3 Minute Breakfast Sandwiches

by Lynn Lilly, Sep 15 2016

School is back inQuick Breakfast Sandwiches session and the morning hustle is in full effect. We teamed up with Martin's Potato Rolls to create three 3 minute tasty grab and go breakfast sandwiches. Martin's Potato Rolls make these sandwiches so good your kiddos just might try to grab two! 


Banana Peanut Butter Roll

Spread creamy peanut butter on toll, top with thinly sliced bananas.

Breakfast Sandwich

Strawberry Nutella Cinnamon Roll

Spread Nutella on the roll, top with sliced strawberries and sprinkle with cinnamon! 

Strawberry Nutella Sandwich

Strawberry Nutella Cinnamon Sandwich

Brie Pear and Honey Roll

This is perfect for your child or teen that has a more advanced palate. Place thin slices of creamy brie on the roll, top with thin slices of pears and drizzle with organic honey. 

Brie Pear and Honey Sandwich

The rolls above are great served cooled or room temperature. If you want to add a spin on the rolls place them in a sandwich press for 30 seconds to heat them up.... so delish! Create a to-go package for the rolls by stapling a cocktail napkin into a triangle. It makes a perfect mess free pocket for your breakfast roll on the go. 

Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast Sandwich

Martin's Potato Rolls are so versatile, I encourage you to try the above breakfast rolls but also get creative with other breakfast foods likes, eggs, bacon or maybe even try them in a french toast recipe. The options are unlimited! 

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Happy back to school! 

xoxo- LL

This post is a part of sponsored campaign with Martin's Potato Rolls but all recipes and opinions are my own! 


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