Under the Sea Salt Art

by Lynn Lilly, May 31 2021

Let's take a dive in the sea and create artwork of what we see! Today, we are going to be using salt to create a unique piece of artwork. Here is what you need: 

Project Difficulty: Beginner


  • Washable Markers
  • Erasable Colored Pencils
  • Crayons
  • White Paper (From Paint Kit)
  • Paint Brushes
  • Watercolor Paint Pallets
  • Washable Liquid Glue

Additional Materials:

  • Plastic Cup of Water
  • Salt (sugar will work as a substitute)



  1. Using an erasable colored pencil draw a jelly fish in the center of your paper. Start with a wide upside-down "u" shape. 
  2. Close the lines with a squiggly line that goes past the edges of the "u". Draw a second squiggly line about 1/2" below the first. Connect the two by drawing a curved line at each end. 
  3. Draw squiggly lines from the jelly fish body to make its tentacles. 
  4. Draw other sea creatures like a shark, craft, fish, coral or whatever you can dream up! 
  5. Use the markers to outline the creatures you just drew. Outline the jellyfish body and only a few of the tentacles. 
  6. Use the crayons to color in the different creators and decorate your drawing. 
  7. Once you are done coloring, take the washable glue and draw lawns over the tentacles that you did not color with marker. 
  8. Sprinkle salt over the glue until it is fully covered. 
  9. Shake off over a trash can. 
  10. Next, take paint brush, dip in water and wet the watercolor paint. Once you have paint on your brush lightly touch it to the salt covered glue and watch the color the spread through the salt. Repeat this with the same or different colors until all the salt tentacles are colored. 
  11. Let the glue and paint completely dry before you display your new work of art! 

We hope you enjoyed this Camp Craft Box project! Parents, share your child’s craft on the Camp Craft Box Facebook Group. Don’t forget to tag @crayola and @craftboxgirls and use the hashtag #CampCraftBox if you share your child's projects on social media. 


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