Vintage Patriotic Bunting

by Anna Teal, May 15 2018

America is a pretty awesome place to live and who doesn’t want to celebrate their independence by decorating their digs with some vintage patriotic bunting! I’ve got an easy hack for those who love vintage Americana décor but don’t want to pay the price for it.

Here's what you'll need:

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Vintage Patriotic Bunting 


Cut your drop cloth in half long ways. Take one half and set it aside. Using the measuring tape, mark off 1/3 of the cloth with tape and then another 1/3 as shown below. TIP: I used a drop cloth because it’s a durable material for indoor/outdoor settings. You can also use bedsheets or spare fabric around the house for indoor use.

Vintage Patriotic Bunting 


Locate the middle of the banner and secure the star stencil in place with stencil tape.

 Vintage Patriotic Bunting


Add a good amount of ink spot to your plate and load the block with paint.


Apply the paint with the block through the stencil.

TIP: Use all sides of the block and a decent amount of pressure to get good coverage.

Immediately remove the stencil to reveal the design. Continue down the banner until the entire middle of the banner is covered with distressed stars. Let dry and rinse off your block/stencils.

TIP: Don’t worry if you get paint outside or under the stencil. This adds to the vintage effect.

TIP: If you desire less of a vintage effect, you can do this by using a stencil brush and a more precise stencil technique for clean edges.

Vintage Patriotic Bunting 


Next, take a fresh plate and apply a good amount of cardinal red.  Load the clean block with paint and drag it across the top part of the banner. You can create a stripe effect by dragging the block from left to right at the top, working your way to the middle. Repeat this at the bottom portion of the banner to create a similar stripe effect. Remove tape and let dry.

Vintage Patriotic Bunting 


Fold the banner like an accordion.

 STEP 7: Fold it in half and clip the middle to create a fan as shown.

Vintage Patriotic Bunting 

STEP 8: Hang your vintage patriotic bunting and celebrate with a nice cold beer!

Vintage Patriotic Bunting 

Vintage Patriotic Bunting 

I hope you enjoyed learning how to create this vintage patriotic bunting for your home! Feel free to share with a friend who needs a little red, white, and blue in their life!

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