Virtual Art Class with Crayola

by Lynn Lilly, Aug 25 2020

Whether your kids are back in the classroom or learning from home a virtual art class can be fun a brain break. On my weekly live broadcast with Crayola we are having an art party with three fun ways your kids express themselves creatively! 

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Project 1: #TrueSelfie

Crayola recently launched the Colors of the World crayons and they are a huge hit with kids and adults. Today I am challenging viewers to create a selfie of themselves using the crayons from the Colors of the World Crayons. 

Crayola Colors of the World

To make this project even more fun Crayola has an app for Apple and Andriod that allows you to take a photo of your self and it turns it into a sketch that you can print and color!

Share you selfie drawing using #TrueSelfie

Find out more about the Colors of the World Crayons:

Don't just stop at creating a selfie, think of other symbolic artwork you can create with the Colors of the World Crayons! 

Project 2: Watercolor Under the Sea Artwork


  • Crayola Watercolor
  • Crayon Non-Washable Black Marker
  • Watercolor Paper

Crayola Watercolor Art for Kids

Sketch your favorite sea creator with the black marker and use the watercolor paint to fill the drawing with color! 

Project 3: Geometric Art


  • Canvas, Cardstock or Poster Board
  • Crayola Washable Paint or Markers/Colored Pencils or Crayons
  • Painters Tape

Use the painter's tape to tape off a geometric pattern. Fill each section with a different pattern or doodles using your paint, markers, colored pencils, and crayons! Once you are done remove the tape! 

Geometric Kids

TADA! It is so easy to create a fun work of art!

Stay tuned for more creative projects every Tuesday live on the Crayola Facebook Page at 1:00pm EST!

xoxo - Lynn



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