Wedding Contact Cheat Sheet

by Allison Cawley, Jun 16 2016

When I planned my destination wedding a few years ago, I realized that although some of our friends and family had met, there were still plenty of people who had not.  And since we had a destination wedding, everyone would be coming in from out of town which meant our wedding party would probably need a little more coordination than normal.  So in addition to an itinerary, I created a quick wedding contact cheat sheet printable that I wanted to share with you! 

I made my printable in powerpoint because I didn't have any fancy design software, so I have included an example of the printable when completed, and a couple of photos you can download and overlay text onto for yourself. 

How to Customize: 

1. Right click on the image below, and select "Save As" to download image. 

2. Insert Image into a Powerpoint slide (or some other design software).

3. Insert a Text Box and write a single contact's name and phone number.  Center the font.  Drag the text box around so it fits directly under the corresponding contact's wedding party title.  We used Calibri font for the title and a different font for the contact's name. 

4. Optional: If you want to replace the wedding party's title, use the same method as step 3; however change the background of the text box to white.  Then you can overlay the box to block out the other text. 

5. Print & Distribute! 

These were great to have for our guests as they arrived so that if there were any questions or concerns, they could contact someone other than the bride!  I mean come on... the bride has everything on her plate already, at least this printable Wedding Contact Cheat Sheet will hopefully help alleviate some of the pressure for such a big day!

For all the details on my wedding and more great DIY wedding tips, check out and of course come back to CBG soon for even more inspiration!



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