Wood Round Snowman

by Chan Vu, Sep 25 2019

Every holiday season, I add a little DIY creativity to my front porch decor. I'm sort of obsessed with snowman decors right now. So this year I added a crafty wooden snowman. Wood rounds are great to use when cut evenly and finely sand for smoothness. They are large enough to stand 2 feet high when stacked like a snowman. Surely, these will make great front door decors. Don't worry if you don't have spare logs to cut for this craft. I don't either. I got these wood rounds at the craft store.

DIY Holiday Snowman Decor

I love this project because it involves craft paint, spray paint, used household items and leftover fabric. Any excuse to use up the leftover supplies right?

Supplies to make a DIY wooden snowman


black spray paint

black craft paint

orange craft paint

1 medium wood round

1 large wood round

plastic food container

plastic plate

2 paint brushes

3 x 1 /2 foot fabric

permanent black marker

hot glue


1. Spray paint the food container and plastic plate black. Do this outside or in a well ventilated area. Let it dry.

2. Use the permanent black marker to draw three even circles on the large wood round. I used the paint bottle to trace the circles. Paint the circles to make three buttons on the snowman's body. Let it dry.

How to make a DIY snowman with wood rounds

3. Draw 2 circles to make the eyes on the medium wood round and paint it black. Use the marker to draw the smile or a smirk. Use the orange craft paint and another brush to paint a thin sideways triangle to make a carrot nose. Let it dry.

DIY Snowman decor

4. When the food container and plate from step 1 is dry, hot glue the container on the up-side down plate to make a top hat.

DIY black top hat for snowman

5. Now stack the medium wood round on top of the large wooden round. Hot glue it together. 

6. Hot glue the top hat to the top of the snowman's head.

7. When the glue is dry, use the fabric to wrap the snowman's neck to make a scarf. 

8. Voila! You are done. That wasn't so hard right? I bet it looks great. 

Display this snowman where ever you like. It can be by the fireplace, next to the Christmas tree, or in front of the house. You can have a whole family of snowmen. 

DIY Wooden Snowman Decor

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Happy Holidays,



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