Coffee Filter American Flag Craft

by Lynn Lilly, May 13 2024

Over the last few years I had a blast using coffee filters and Crayola markers to create different crafts including flowers, a wreath, rainbow and even a butterfly. Today it's all about red, white and blue and this fun craft I want to share with you (you like what I did there). For this week's Crayola Facebook live I am showing you a fun craft for toddlers to teens! 

The Crayola supplies I used for today's craft can be found at!


  • White Coffee Filters (60ish depending on the size flag)
  • Crayola Markers
  • Crayola Washable Liquid Glue
  • Scrap Cardboard (the back of the Crayola Giant Construction Paper Pad works great)
  • Cup of Water
  • String or Ribbon
  • Hole Punch


  1. Flatten the coffee filters and scribble all over them. Scribble 24 red coffee filters and 12 blue coffee filters. You will keep about 24-34 coffee filters plain white. 
  2. Fold the colored coffee filters in half two times. When completed it will look like a pie slice. 
  3. Dip the folded coffee filter in the cup of water. Lift out and let it drip dry over the cup. 
  4. An alternative to dipping the coffee filter is to use a paint brush. Lay the coffee filter flat and paint it with water spreading the color around.
  5. Let the coffee filters air dry or speed up the drying process with a blow dryer. 
  6. Unfold all the coffee filters. 
  7. Punch holes in the top corners of the cardboard. 
  8. Tie a piece of string to each end. This can be be used to hang the flag. 
  9. Gather a blue coffee filter from the center. 
  10. Place a dot of glue in the top left corner of your card board and stick the center of the blue coffee filter to the cardboard. 
  11. Do the same with the rest of the blue making a rectangle shape. Glue then close together so you do not see the the cardboard. 
  12. Do the same thing with the red and white creating a striped pattern. 

Coffee Filter American Flag Craft with Craft Box Kids and Crayola

Crayola Coffee Filter American Flag Kids Craft with Craft Box Kids

TADA! You have your very own American Flag! 

Happy Crafting Friends! 


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