Easy Easter Kids Crafts

by Lynn Lilly, Feb 28 2024

It is no secret that Easter is going to be a little different this year. The Easter bunny is on vacay, the food might be a tad bit different, no fresh flowers for brunch and craft supplies might limited to entertain the kiddos. Even though times are not ideal we can still have fun celebrating with our family.  If you have construction paper, scissors and glue you can make these three Easter crafts. These crafts are part of the bi-weekly facebook live series I am hosting on the Crayola Facebook page. Watch the replay below and scroll down for instructions and templates. 

Bunny Headbands

Crayola Easter Bunny Headbands



    1. Download the template and cut out the pieces. 
    2. Trace and cut two of the strips. Glue together and wrap around your head to determine the best fit. Cut and adjust as needed.
    3. Trace and cut the ears and inner fur on construction paper. 
    4. Glue the ears to the front middle of the headband. 
    5. If you have pom poms, glue one to the front for the nose and one to the back fro the tale. If you do not have pom poms you can draw a nose and tale. 
    6. Add eyes with markers. 

    If you want to make the flower crown bunny ears. Cut out the heart and the corner round to make the flowers. Refer to the video for instructions on how to make the flowers or read the flower arrangement tutorial below.  Once your flowers are made glue them to the front of the headband. 

    Here is my sweet girl Lily modeling the flower crown bunny ears!

    Crayola Easter Bunny Flower Crown Headband

    Bunny & Chick Accordion Pinwheels

    Crayola Easter Pinwheels Craft


    • Crayola Construction Paper
    • Crayola Washable Glue 
    • Crayola Markers
    • Googley Eyes (bunny)
    • Feathers (chick)
    • Pipe Cleaners (chick)


    1. If you are making the bunny cut 2 squares of white construction paper. If you are making the chick cut two squares of yellow construction paper. I suggest 9" x 9" squares.
    2. Accordion fold each sheet making sure the folds are the same width. 
    3. Fold each accordion in half and glue together to form half of the pinwheel. Do the same with the other accordion.
    4. Glue both accordion halves together. 
    5. Cut a circle for the center of the pinwheel. This will be the face. 
    6. If you are making the bunny, cut ears and glue to the circle. Draw the face on the bunny and add whiskers. If you have googley eyes add those. 
    7. If you are making the chick, create feet and wings with the pipe cleaners and glue feathers to the back of the circle. Cut a beak from paper and add to the face. 
    8. Glue the circles to the pinwheels. 

    These would look adorable in an Easter basket or hanging from the fireplace. 

    DIY Easter Pinwheels

    Paper Flower Centerpiece

    DIY Construction Paper Flowers



    • Crayola Construction Paper
    • Crayola Glue
    • Scissors
    • Floral Wire or Straws or Pipe Cleaners
    • Clothes Pins (optional)
    • Free Downloadable Templates


      1. Download the template and cut out the pieces. 
      2. Trace and cut the leaves on green construction paper. 
      3. Cut 8 hearts in one color. Use a small scrap of construction paper to cut a nickel size circle. Glue 4 hearts to the circle. Glue another layer of 4 hearts. Use your fingers to slightly bend and lift the petals.
      4. Create a center by cutting a strip of paper 4" x 1/2". Fold in half so you have a 1/4" x 4" strip. Cut slits along the folded side being careful to not cut all the way through. Roll and glue. Glue in the center of the flower. 
      5. Cut a piece of floral wire, loop the end and glue to the bottom of the flower. 
      6. Trace and cut the round corner on construction paper. 
      7. Roll into a cone leaving a tiny opening at the point and secure with glue.
      8. Cut a piece of floral wire, loop the end and slip through the hole to create a stem. Cut tiny slips of paper and glue inside.  
      9. Cut 5 of the uneven hearts.
      10. Cut a piece of floral wire.
      11. Apply glue and the end tab of the petal and pinch around the floral wire.
      12. Do the same with 4 other petals and building a cascading flower. 

    Create multiples of each flower to design a bouquet for your Easter table! 

    DIY Paper Flower Bouquet for Easter

    Tune in to Crayola's Facebook Page every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00pm EST to catch me sharing three crafts you can make at home! 

    xoxo- Lynn 


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