Iron-On Doodle Shirt for Dad

by Lynn Lilly, May 27 2022

Lily loves to doodle and my hubby loves fun t-shirts. We decided to try out Tulip Fusion Ink Markers to make him a t-shirt with all Lily's doodles for Father's Day! The fusion markers were perfect for Lily. She could doodle all of paper and if she messed up (she likes to start over a lot) we could start over on a new sheet of paper. Way less pressure than having to draw directly on the t-shirt. The Fabric Fusion Markers work best on polyester fabrics.  



  1. Let your kiddos doodle with the Tulip Fabric Fusion Markers on regular copy paper. If you want to create separate doodles, be sure to cut them out when you are finished. 
  2. Lay your doodles face down on your shirt (remember if you are using words to write them backwards on your paper, this a good task for the grown up). 
  3. Use your heat safe tape to secure your doodles to your shirt before ironing. 
  4. Once your doodles are secure and in place, lay a light weight cloth over your design.
  5. Set your iron to the highest temperature with no steam. Iron over each doodle for about 45-60 seconds. 
  6. Let your shirt cool.
  7. Peel your paper off of the t-shirt and you're ready to gift your DIY doodle shirt to Dad! 

Happy Father's Day to my hubby and all the Dads!


This post is sponsored by Tulip but all thoughts and opinions are my own! 


    Happy Crafting! 

    xoxo - Lynn

    This post is sponsored by Tulip but all thoughts and opinions are my own! 

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