Vision Board

by Lynn Lilly, Dec 06 2022

You are never too young to create a vision for a happy life. For todays craft we are going to make a vision board where can record the goals you have, things you want to learn, what makes you happy and more! 

Project Name: Vision Board

Project Difficulty: Easy

Project Video: 

Project Supplies:

  • A variety of construction paper
  • Creativity Canvas
  • White paper from the Marker & Watercolor Pad
  • Silly Scents & Metallic markers
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick

Project Directions: 

  1. Using the markers write your name and the word "Vision Board" at the top of the canvas. Let the marker dry. 
  2. Next cut out different shapes of constructions paper. Make squares, rectangles, star shapes, cloud shapes, etc. Make enough to fill the canvas. You want them to be big enough so you can write or draw in them.  
  3. Cut white pieces of paper to fit inside each of the shapes. You can trace the shape and then cut it slightly smaller than the construction paper. 
  4. Glue the white pieces to their matching construction paper pieces. 
  5. Glue the sets to the canvas. 
  6. Cut small rectangular pieces of construction paper for a few of the shapes. You can glue each one above, to the side or on the shape. 
  7. Now it's time to decide what visions we want to record on our vision board. You can write what is going to go in each shape on the pieces you glued to the canvas in step 6. Thing about writing things like: 
    1. Me When I am Happy (draw a picture of you and what makes you happy)
    2. Dreams (draw or write out your dreams)
    3. 5 Things I Want to Do (these could be places you want to go, things you want try, etc)
    4. I Want to Learn (list or draw things you want to learn about)
    5. Goals (you can draw or write goals you have for self, like making. soccer goal, trying out for the school play, painting a picture, running a race, etc)
  8. Your canvas is not ready for your visions! Have fun creating and recording your visions! 

Save your vision board and look at it at least once a week. This can help remind yourself of what makes you happy, what goals you have and helps you to work toward those dreams! 

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