Clothesline Woven Stool

by Chan Vu, Sep 18 2016

You've heard this many times. One person's trash is another person's treasure. That's exactly what I discovered with this junk stool given to me by a friend. 

Junk stool

This stool has seen better days. In fact, it's been refurbished at least three times from the look of the brown, green and blue clipped paint. Luckily, the stool is super sturdy. This makes a great DIY project for me to refurbish using inexpensive clothesline to weave a new seat. Here is my latest clothesline woven stool project.

Clothesline woven stool

Basket Weave Pattern

DIY Clothesline Woven Stool


80 feet of clothesline

a stool


sanding block

spray paints (Krylon in Satin White and Sunrise)

painters tape


1. Sand the stool to smooth out the old paint and rough wood.

2. Wash the paint dust and dry the stool.

3. Wrap the stool legs with painters tape. 

4. Spray paint the entire stool in white. Let dry.

5. Remove the painters tape and re-tape the painted part of the legs. 

7. Spray paint the legs in Sunrise. Let dry.

8. Cut about 45 feet of clotheslines and wrap it around the seat of the stool. Tie a knot and tuck the knot under the seat.

9. Use the remaining clotheslines to weave a pattern. I did the 3x3x3 basket weaving pattern. Skip three lines and weave over then three lines then under. Do this with three lines. Make three sections of 3x3. 

10. Cut off the remaining clothesline. Tie a knot under the seat and tuck it within the rope seats.

How to weave a seat with clothesline

Rope Woven Stool

Now I have an adorable woven seat stool that adds a nice pop of color. I use this stool as a seat, end table, step stool and footstool. The clothesline is strong enough for any purpose. I'm loving this woven stool so much. 

DIY Clothesline Woven Stool Pinterest

If you have a chair or something in the house that needs a little TLC then try this woven technique. You're going to love it. Let us know how it turns out by tagging @craftboxgirls on social media. 

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