Nightlight Dreamcatcher

by Chan Vu, Aug 15 2016

Did you know dreamcatchers make beautiful home decorations for adults and kids? Adults love dreamcatchers for the trendy tribal themed decors. But give kids the supplies to make a dreamcatcher and they will  turn it into a work of art. Perhaps adding a few string lights to double the duties of a nightlight dreamcatcher is not a bad idea?

Nightlight Dreamcatcher

Kids Craft Dreamcatcher

Here is how your kids can get creative by making their own nightlight dreamcatcher using simple arts and craft supplies. 

How to use LED Wire String Light



fish line


embroidery hoop


colorful feathers

colorful beads

LED battery operated wire string lights


There is no right or wrong way to assemble a dreamcatcher. Pick any color yarn, paint or feathers. The more colorful the better.

1. Paint the embroidery hoop in any color. Allow the paint to dry completely.

2. Tie a piece of yarn to the embroidery hoop. Extend the yarn and wrap it around the hoop in a criss-cross pattern covering the interior space of the hoop.

3. Wrap the hoop in LED wire string lights the same way as the yarn. Leave the battery box hanging from the hoop. The battery box will hang over the nail. 

4. Use fish line to weave beads and feathers to form the tail ends of the dreamcatcher. Tie the beads to the bottom of the dreamcatcher. The more tails the better. 

5. Hang the dreamcatcher over a bed and light it up. Keep plenty of batteries around because this dreamcatcher is meant to stay on all night long. 


Nightlight Dreamcatcher

With this DIY nightlight dreamcatcher, your kids will have a beautiful room decor piece and peaceful sleep every night. 

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