DIY Upcycle C-Table

by Laura Carrozza, Jan 27 2017

Not too long ago David from DH Industrial in Atlanta, reached out to me asking if I wanted a C-table that he made but didn't need. Naturally I didn't want to miss out on a good find, so I took the table (unknowing what it looked liked) and figured I would eventually figure out what to do with it. 

Lucky for me the table was unfinished and I was able to start from scratch in regards to how I wanted to paint it/decorate it/design it. I thought about adding to it but I loved David's simple design so much that I miss want to mess with perfection. So I decided to add a little love with my wood burning tools and some wood stain. Check it out!

upcycle c-table

What you'll need:

upcycle table

Step One:

Begin by lightly sanding your piece of furniture to remove any dirt or debris. Take a damn paper town and wipe down the furniture, over the areas that you sanded. Wait for the furniture to dry before moving on to the next step.

Step Two:

Take your ruler and a pencil and draw out your lines on the table top that you want to burn with the wood burning tool. I decided to go with a herringbone pattern and I used a 3-inch ruler. After you draw out your lines, take your wood burning tool and trace your penciled in lines. You may have to go over the burn lines more than once for the consistency of the burn look. Make sure to be very careful when using the wood burning tool or ask for an extra set of hands to hold the ruler down.

Step Three:

After you finish your design with the wood burning tool, you can begin to stain your furniture. I used several different stains and I only applied the stain with a cotton rag and then wiped the residue off with the opposite end of the stain. For a more rich look, apply two coats of stain. For the look I was going for, I only applied one coat.

Step Four:

After my stain dried, I applied one coat of matte polyurethane seal to keep out water damage and protect the wood furniture. Allow to dry for 24 hours before using your table in your home.


upcycle c-table

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