Easter Egg Flower Pot

by Chan Vu, Mar 02 2018

Easter is almost here. What fun craftivities are you and your kids creating this Easter? If you are thinking of dying colorful Easter eggs then let me suggest this fun and crafty project instead. Your kids are going to love making an Easter egg flower pot. It involves painting, paper crafting, and stuffing candies inside Easter eggs! Even adults will love it.

12 plastic eggs
2 sheets of green 12x12 card stock
1 bag of artificial grass
12 long wooden skewers
1 terracotta pot with dish
18 inches of ribbon
green floral tape
Delta Chalk Paint in Spanish Olive (green)
Delta Chalk Paint in Cameo Rose (pink)
1 small brush
1 foam brush
1. Paint the terracotta pot and dish with Plaid's Delta Chalk Paint in Cameo Rose. Let it dry.
2. Paint the long skewers with Plaid's Delta Chalk Paint in Spanish Olive. This will be the stems. Only paint 3/4 of the skewers covering the pointed end. Do not lay flat to dry. Instead lean it against something that won't peel off the paint when dry.  
3. Cut long and thin leaves using the green cardstocks. Make 12 leaves. 
4. When the skewers are dry, twist the long end of a leaf around the unpainted end of the skewers. Use the green floral tape to hold down the leaf while twisting the tape around the unpainted part. Do this with all 12 skewers. You can curl the leaves a little so it won't be too stiff. The goal is to make it look like tulip leaves.
5. Add artificial grass in the terracotta pot. 
6. Fill the plastic eggs with small candies or toys and close it up.
7. Stick a skewer in the hole at the bottom of each plastic egg making a tulip shaped flower. Do this to all 12 eggs.
8. Stick the flower into the grass filled pot. 
9. Tie a bow to the flower pot using the ribbon. You're done!
This Easter egg flower pot makes a great spring time home decor with hidden treats inside. If your kids has a favorite teacher, this Easter egg flower pot would make a great Easter gift for him or her. Don't forget the grandparents, neighbors, mailman and soccer coach. Everyone will enjoy this creative gift. 
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