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by Allison Cawley, Mar 24 2016
Whether you're a fashionista who loves the latest trends or a do-her-own-thing style maven, one thing all girly girls have in common is trying to keep that jewelry organized! So I've got three ways to approach jewelry organization at home that can bring you one step closer to keeping track of all those lovely accessories!
1. Showcase Home Décor:  You can actually incorporate your jewelry into your home décor by displaying it in unique ways that add to the overall look you are going for.  We used a silver dish & glass hand to hold our jewelry here.  This keeps you organized, but maintains femininity and displays your jewelry as part of your side-table or nightstand décor.  Showcase your amazing pieces by making them the center of attention.
2. Go Practical: If you've got a stock pile of accessories that really just need their own space tucked out of the way, try compartments that allow you to store your jewelry by color and style.  These felt trays are from Ikea, and transform any drawer into the perfect storage for keeping things nice and tidy... plus the felt makes sure nothing shifts around or gets scratched.
3. Jewelry Boutique: Find a combination of practical and stylish with a basic jewelry organizer like this white boutique display piece.  You can still keep your jewelry easily accessible in your closet, but these basic pieces will keep things organized and in their place... that way, you can have a "shopping" experience each time you enter your closet to complete your look.
Regardless of which way you choose to organize and hide or display your pieces of jewelry, just keep in mind the end goal is to make it fit your lifestyle.  You'll want to take into account your home and what type of space you are working with.  It might make more sense to incorporate your jewelry into the home décor if you live in a small space so you're multitasking, or if you have want to keep everything put away out of sight, then you'll need to make sure you have a drawer or cabinet to store everything in. 
So now that you've got three ways to organize your jewelry, just make it fun and own it.  The more in line you keep your organization style to fit your needs, the more likely you'll keep using the setup! 
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