Two Ways To Sew a Zipper

by Laura Carrozza, Apr 19 2016
Zippers can be scary. I still don't love sewing them but I constantly practice and learn how to insert all kinds of zippers because I love nurturing my craft. To help you with improving your craft, I've come up with two easy ways to insert zippers into your handbag or garment. 

Hidden Zipper

 Step 1:
With the right sides together, you are going to pin along one side of the edge. Mark two inches from the top and two inches from the bottom. The first two inches, you will sew at a 2.5 or 3 stitch. Once you hit the two inch mark, change your stitch size to 4 or 5. Then when you get to the bottom two inches, you will adjust the stitch length back to 2.5 or 3.
Step 2:
Iron your seam open and place right side down. Place zipper in the center of the seam with the teeth facing downward. I use scotch tape to hold my zipper in place. I find that it lays flat and it easier to maneuver compared to pins. Mark the two inch marks on the zipper with a pen. You will stitch down your zipper all along the sides and around the marked points. 
Step 3:
Peel off the tape gently. Turn fabric over and take your seam ripper and gently tear the seam inside the stitching. Once complete, the zipper will be exposed.

Exposed Zipper

Step 1:
Lay your fabric right side facing up and place the edge of the zipper face down and stitch along the edge of the zipper. 
Step 2:
Open the zipper and complete the same step on the other piece of fabric along side the other side of the zipper.
Step 3:
Press fabric open with the iron and your exposed zipper will be revealed!
Now you know two ways to sew on zippers for your next craft project.
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