Hanging Mason Jar Chandelier

by Lynn Lilly, Apr 20 2016

Spring is here and I am prepping our house for outdoor parties and celebrations. I have been wanting a mason jar chandelier for a long time but I do not have have the patience for wiring and all the mess. I created a simple version of a mason jar chandelier that I am just as happy with! Check out how easy this project is! 



  • Cut two 3 foot pieces of rope.
  • Lay both pieces of rope side by side and fold in half creating a 3 inch loop at the bottom. 
  • Use the twine to tie a knot around the rope to secure the loop. Wrap the twine around the knot until it is about 1 inch thick and tie off the end.
  • Cut 5 inches off one rope end, 3 inches off another end and 2 inches off another end. 
  • Insert the frog lid inserts into the lid of the mason jar. 
  • Loop the rope through the grates and tie off the loop like you did for the main loop. Repeat for the other three. 
  • Fill each mason jar with about 2 inches of sand and insert a tea candle (don't use any larger of a candle).
  • Screw the jars onto the lids and get ready to display! 

TADA!! You now have your very own mason jar chandelier! 

xoxo- LL

Mason Jar Chandelier


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