Simple Planters & Bird Baths

by Lynn Lilly, May 11 2016

I have currently been hooked on outdoor decor. I think the Spring bug has stung me and stuck! I have been obsessing over taking old items that have been laying around my garage or studio and upcycling them into pretty and useful outdoor decor! I had a ton of terra cotta pots laying around in the garage and my husband was itching to get them out so I decided to create some simple planters and planter/birdbath combos! 

Teeter Totter Planter & Bird Bath


  • 1 medium terra cotta pot
  • 6 small terra cotta pots
  • 1 wooden dowel or a rebarb that is 3 feet
  • Outdoor spray paint or patio paint
  • Potting soil and flowers (I got mine at Home Depot for $1.17 each)
  • Plastic or glass bowl
  • Hammer


  1. Paint your pots and them dry for 30-45 minutes.
  2. Using a hammer pound the dowel or rebarb into the ground 6 inches. 
  3. Slide the medium pot down the on the pole and let it sit flat on the ground. 
  4. Place one flower plant on the left side of the pot and fill the rest of the pot with soil. 
  5. Slide a small pot down the pole and let is sit titled on the right right side of the pot. Fill this pot with a flower plant and soil. 
  6. Add 4 more small pots alternating tilting the pots. Fill with flowers and soil as you go. 
  7. Add the 5th pot and position it straight up. 
  8. Add a clear bowl to sit in the top pot. 
  9. Fill the pot with water for the birdies to bathe! 

Bird Bath Planter


Stacked Pot Bird Bath

This bird bath is so incredibly simple! Stack multiple size pots upside down and secure a terra cotta dish to the top one using hot glue or super glue. Leave them raw or if you paint them remember to use an outdoor paint.

Bird Bath


Succulent Planter and Bird Bath:

Secure a small pot upside down using hot glue or super glue to a medium sized terra cotta dish. Plant succulents or mini plants around the dish. Attach a small dish to the bottom of the small pot that is facing up. This is your bath dish! 

Succulent Planter & Bird Bath

Happy Summer!

xoxo- LL

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