2 Easy Paint Pour Projects

by Lynn Lilly, Dec 27 2020

I love paint pour projects because they are so easy and virtually impossible to mess up. The finished projects always look like fancy art and require no skill! I was excited to try out the new Testors Multi-Surface Pre-Mixed Pouring Paint. It is perfect to create art canvases and even home decor! I love that it comes in convenient color coordinated packs. Check out the video and step by step instructions below! 

2 Paint Pour Projects

Materials for Vanity Tray:

Materials for Canvas Art:

Testors Pre-Mixed Acrylic Paint Pour

You can purchase Testors Pre-Mixed Pouring Paint at Menards in store or online! 

Basic Directions (it really is this simple)

  1. Make sure your surface is covered and you are working in an area where you can leave your projects dry for up to 24 hours. 
  2. Raise the surface of the project on the plastic cups. 
  3. Shake the Testors Pre-Mixed Pouring Paint to ensure it is well mixed. 
  4. Squeeze the paint straight from the bottle on the surface alternating colors. Don't worry about the pattern. Just get the paint on the surface. 
  5. Place your hands under the project, lift off the cup and tilt from side to side. The paint will move and swirl as you tilt. Keep tilting until the whole surface is covered including the sides. You can always add paint if you need more to cover the surface. 
  6. Place the surface back on the cups. 
  7. Use a popsicle stick wipe away the drops on the underside of the surface. 
  8. You can add fun flair like gold and silver flakes and glitter while the paint is still wet. Carefully sprinkle but do not touch the canvas. 
  9. Let the projects dry completely. In some cases it could take up to 24 hours. 

If you are making the vanity tray you will need to wait until it is completely dry before adding the handles or knobs with glue! 

It really is that easy! Besides drying time this is an easy 15 minute project! 

Testors Paint Pour Crafts Testors Paint Pour Home Decor Projects

Testors Paint Pour Crafts

Remember you can purchase Testors Pre-Mixed Pouring Paint at Menards online or in store! You can visit Testors website to learn more about the product and discover all their other craft products! 

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Happy Holiday Crafting! 

xoxo- LL 

This post is sponsored by Testors but all thoughts and opinions are my own!

 Easy Paint Pour Home Decor Projects



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