3 Personalized Holiday Signs

by Lynn Lilly, Nov 01 2021

From front door decor to signs throughout my home, I love switching them out seasonally. I especially love it when I can easily create a custom sign! I am excited to partner with Beacon Adhesives and CraftCuts to create three personalized signs to get my house ready for the holidays! You can get your own custom sign and the perfect glue to create it now! Shop both Beacon Adhesives and CraftsCuts online and use promo code CRAFTY20 to get 20% off your order now through December 25th! 

Project 1: Fa La La La La Christmas Lights




  1. Paint the wood circle white. 
  2. Cover the letters with Beacon Fast-Finish Decoupage and adhere to the foiled paper. Trim around the edge using a craft knife. 
  3. Glue to the circle using Quick-Grip. 
  4. Glue the Christmas lights embellishments around the sign using Gem-Tac. 
  5. Trace the Christmas light embellishments with twine and attach using Quick-Grip.
  6. Make and glue a bow on the sign. 


Custom Christmas Sign


Project 2: Snowflake Name Sign



  1. Paint the wood round light blue.
  2. Paint the personalized sign white.
  3. Paint the snowflakes gold. 
  4. Pour a nickel-size drop of Glitter-It in one ornament and swirl it around until the whole inside is coated. Pour extra into a cup and funnel back into the bottle.
  5. Sprinkle glitter in the ornaments and shake until the entire inside is coated with glitter. Repeat on the other three ornaments with both colors of glitter. 
  6. Use Multi-Grip to attach the name and snowflakes. 
  7. Make a bow and glue both to the top of the sign. 
  8. Glue the ornaments to the end of the picks. 

Personalized Front Door Sign

Personalized Winter Front Door Sign


Project 3: Rustic Family Sign



  1. Paint the round light green. 
  2. Paint the name white. 
  3. Make a bow with the ribbon.
  4. Once the paint is dry, glue the name on the round.
  5. Attach the bow and the tree picks to the top of the sign. 

Personalized Wood Name Sign

DIY Holiday Fireplace Decor

I love how all three of these turned out. I am so excited to display these on my fireplace and front door! 

Don't forget to shop both Beacon Adhesives and CraftsCuts online and use promo code CRAFTY20 to get 20% off your order now through December 25th! 

For more creative projects connect with Beacon Adhesives on facebook and instagram and CraftCuts on facebook and instagram.  

xoxo- Lynn 

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DIY Personalized Snowflake Sign

Personalized Family Front Door Sign




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