3 Winter Model Magic Ornaments

by Lynn Lilly, Nov 09 2021

Today we are going to use Model Magic to create 3 winter ornaments. Make sure to have a zip top bag or air tight container handy to store your model magic because we will be using it for other crafts during camp. 

Materials from Kit:

  • Model Magic 
  • Metallic Markers
  • Glitter Glue

Additional Materials:

  • Yarn or String
  • Scissor
  • Tooth Pick

Project Video: 


To view the video with subtitles click here to watch it on a private unlisted Youtube playlist.  

 Directions for the Mitten Ornament: 

  1. Pull off a chunk of blue model magic and roll it into a ball. 
  2. Use your fingers and palms to flatten it. 
  3. Poke one of your finger into the side circle. 
  4. Pinch the section you just poked to form the thumb of the mitten
  5. Flatten the bottom of the mitten. 
  6. Pull of a small chunk of yellow and roll into a ball. 
  7. Flatten and squeeze the ball to form a rectangle. 
  8. Push the rectangle on the end of the mitten. 
  9. Ask and adult to help you with this step. Use a tooth pick to poke a hole through the base of the mitten. Make it wide enough so your yarn or string fit through it. 
  10. Use glitter glue to decorate your mitten.  
  11. Let the glitter glue dry and the mitten harden for a few hours. Once both are dry string the yarn through the hole and tie a knot. 

Directions for the Cocoa Mug Ornament:

  1. Pull off a chunk of black Model Magic and roll into a ball. 
  2. Flatten the ball between your fingers and your palm. 
  3. Use the scissors to cut a rectangle or square out of the flattened circle. 
  4. Pull off a small chunk of black and snake roll it on your palm. 
  5. Create a handle for the mug by pressing it again the back of the rectangle. 
  6. Take small pieces of the white Model Magic and roll them into tiny balls and stick to the top of the mug to make marshmallows. 
  7. Use a metallic marker to write Cocoa on the mug or your own message. 
  8. Let the mug harden for a few hour then tie a piece of yarn or string through the handle to hang your ornament. 

Directions for the Penguin Ornament: 

  1. Pull of a chunk of black Model Magic and roll into a ball. 
  2. Flatten the ball and use palms and fingers to form an flatten oval. This will be the penguin body. Pull of two more small chunks and form penguin wings. 
  3. Press the wings on to the back of the penguin body. 
  4. Take a smaller piece of white Model Magic than you used in step 1.  Roll into a ball and flatten into an oval.
  5. Press on to the front of the penguin body. 
  6. Next pull off two small piece of yellows and roll into two balls. 
  7. Flatten between your fingers and use your scissor to cut the claws. 
  8. Push onto the bottom of the penguin body. 
  9. Pull of small amounts of red and yellow and mix together with your fingers by rolling and kneading until it turns orange.
  10. Pull off a small amount and form a triangle for the beak. Lightly place and press the beak on to the face of the penguin. Save the remaining orange in the zip top back for another craft. 
  11. Use a little piece of red to make a bow or a bowtie for your penguin. Lightly, press on to the penguin. 
  12. Roll small pieces of black Model Magic into tiny circles to be the penguin eyes. Flatten each. Roll two smaller white Model Magic circles to add to the eyes. Lightly press and flatten them onto the black circles. 
  13. Ask an adult for help with this step. Use the toothpick to poke a small hole, wide enough for yarn in the top of the penguins head. 
  14. Let the penguin sit out and harden for a few hours. Once dry string the yarn through the hole. 

TADA! These ornaments are fun to hang around your house or room all winter! 

Parent's don't forget to share your kids projects in the private facebook group and if you share on social please use #campcraftbox

Happy Crafting! 



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