3D Snowflakes

by Lynn Lilly, Nov 09 2021

It is snowing!!! Today we are making 3D paper snowflakes. It might not snow where you live but this is the perfect craft to decorate your house and pretend it is snowing! The best part is that your snowfall can be colorful! 

Materials from Your Kit:

  • Construction Paper
  • Glitter Glue

Additional Materials:

  • Scissors
  • Washable Liquid Glue
  • Hole Punch
  • Yarn

Project Video:



To view the video with subtitles click here to watch it on a private unlisted Youtube playlist.  


  1. Pick a color of construction paper for your snowflake. 
  2. Fold one corner of the construction paper to the edge. 
  3. Cut the strip that is outside of the fold area. You will be left with a triangle. 
  4. Have the long side of the triangle facing you. 
  5. Fold the right corner to the meet the left corner and make a smaller triangle. 
  6. Keep the longest side of the triangle facing you. 
  7. Fold the right corner to the left corner and crease. Unfold. This fold line will help you know where the center of the triangle is. 
  8. Starting a few fingers to the right of the center, cut a curved line to the center. Refer to the photo.
  9. Mirror the same cut on the other side and meet at the point. Refer to the photo below. 
  10. On the right side of the triangle move up 2 fingers width from the corner, cut a curved line, following the same shape of the one you just cut. Except do not go all the way to the middle. 
  11. Mirror the same cut on the left side but do not go all the way to the middle. You want to create flaps. 
  12. Move up the triangle 1-2 fingers width and create the same cut. Remember to not go all the way to the center. 
  13. Do the same thing on the other side. 
  14. You should have 3 flaps in total. 
  15. Unfold the snowflake and lay it flat. 
  16. Place a dot of glue in the center. 
  17. Take the middle flap on the right snowflake point fold the tip to the center and hold in the glue. Hold until it is tacky enough to stick on it's own. 
  18. Do the same thing on the other three snowflake points. Add glue to make sure each point sticks. 
  19. Place a dot of glitter glue in the center for decoration. 
  20. Follow the same steps to create a second snowflake on the same color construction paper. 
  21. Once both snowflakes are created you are going to place one snowflake, face down on the table. Place the other one face up on top of it. Rotate the one on top until the snowflake points are all shown. 
  22. Glue them together. 
  23. Use the hole punch to punch a hole at one point. This will be how you hang your snowflake. 
  24. String yarn through the hole and hang your snowflake! 

Get creative and make a bunch of snowflakes to display! 

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