3D Hot Air Balloon Kids Craft

by Lynn Lilly, Jan 15 2024

Nothing says Spring like hot air balloons floating through the sky. Seeing a hot air balloon is so magical and has always been one of my favorite experiences. For this week's facebook live with Crayola I am sharing 2 different ways to make 3D Hot Air Balloons. The first is a honey comb which is a little more advanced and then a simpler version for the little kiddos. 

Find all the supplies I used in today's craft on Crayola.com 


  • Crayola Construction Paper
  • Template for Honeycomb Design
  • Something Circular to Trace for the Simple Design
  • Crayola Washable Glue
  • Crayola Glue Stick
  • Yarn
  • Paper Cup
  • Hole Punch
  • Pencil
  • Scissor


Directions for Honey Comb Design:

  1. Print 2 copies of the template. Leave one as is and cut out the shape on the second copy. 
  2. Trace the shape on 21 pieces of construction paper and cut out. I did 7 different colors and 3 of each colors to create a rainbow pattern. 
  3. Fold each shape in half. 
  4. Take the second template. Unfold one hot air balloon shape and light it up with the template. 
  5. Place a dot of glue where you see a O. 
  6. Fold the balloon closed. 
  7. Now place dots of glue where you see each X.
  8. Take a second hot air balloon and place it on top. 
  9. Place glue where you see a O. Fold closed and keep repeating until you have gotten through the the whole stack. 
  10. Let the glue completely dry. I would wait at least 30 minutes. 
  11. Once dry, carefully pull open the hot air balloon and glue each end together.3D Honeycomb Hot Air Balloon
  12. Cut a piece of yarn, fold it in half and glue inside the top.  


Directions for the 3D Circle Design

  1. Use a bowl or roll of masking tape or something circular to trace. 
  2. Trace 6 circles on construction paper. 
  3. Fold each circle in half. 
  4. Lay one of the folded circles down. Place glue around the edges of the top half. 
  5. Take a second folded circle and glue it to the first one. Repeat this until all 6 are glued in a stack. 
  6. Let the glue completely dry. 
  7. Pull open the circle and glue the first and last half together to form the circle. 

Directions to make the basket: 

  1. Use a hole punch to punch 4 holes around the cup. 
  2. Tie yarn to each hole keeping it long enough to glue to the hot air balloon. 
  3. Tie two of the pieces of yarn together on each side. If you have trim or ribbon you can decorate the cup with it. 
  4. Glue each end of the yarn groups to the hot air balloons. 
  5. Glue a piece of yarn to the top to hang the hot air balloon

These make a really fun decoration for your kids room or even a party! 

3D Honeycomb Hot Air Balloon Kids Craft

Happy Crafting Friends! 

xoxo- Lynn 



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