6 Winter Activities for Kids!

by Aimee Leptick, Dec 26 2018

It's that time of year where winter is here and it isn't going anywhere any time soon! My son loves hanging out in the snow this time of year and while tobogganing and snow forts are fun, let's get a little more creative out there. Fight the January snow boredom with this round up of exciting winter activities for kids!

Maple Syrup  Snow Candy

By Happy Hooligans

I wouldn't be a very good Canadian if I didn't start with this one! A classic for us is to drizzle maple syrup over snow and eat it like candy. It only works with REAL maple syrup so if you've never had any, you better get your hands on some!

Maple Candy - Winter Activities for Kids

Snow Volcano

By Growing A Jeweled Rose

What better time of year to get messy than winter! Contain all that exploding mess outside and watch it freeze at the same time! Why not see just how big of a Snow Volcano you can make.

Snow Volcano - Winter Activities for Kids

Colour Mixing Icicles

By Life With Moore Babies

Let your little artists see how colours mix together in a fun and creative way. Try using neon food colouring for even more fun.

Coloured Icicles - Winter Activities for Kids

Kid-Made Bird feeder Wreath

By Sugar Spice and Glitter

This is a fun take on an easy outdoor bird feeder. Have your children help you pick out the fruits and nuts for this feed before creating. Maybe even research the birds in your area to see what they like best! After you make this beautiful creation, sit and watch all the little birds thankful for the little extra treat in the cold winter air!

Berry Bird Feeder - Winter Activities for Kids

Fascinating Snow Bubbles

By Fireflies and Mud Pies

This one excites me the most. Everyone thinks of bubbles as a summer activity but you won't anymore! Take your straws outside and watch the magic happen! Leave those little bubbles all over your yard or play with them and see how long they last!

Snow Bubbles - Winter Activities for Kids

Snow Candles

By Mud Puddles to Meteors

This is the perfect craft for your older children. Have them dig out the hole for your candle and get them to guess what they will look like in the end. Watch as the beeswax melts the snow as it hardens. It's truly exciting to pull that Snow Candle out and see what your finished product is!

Snow Candles - Winter Activities for Kids

I cannot wait to get outside and try these with my little guy. Which one are you most excited to try? Tag us @craftboxgirls on social media and let us know!

6 Winter Activities for Kids!

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-Aimee Leptick

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