Krylon Sea Glass Vases

by Lynn Lilly, Jan 14 2016

Last weekend, for the very first time I went to the Craft & Hobby Mega Show in California. For 4 days I was immersed in new craft products, industry trends and learned new crafting methods and techniques. If you are a regular follower of Craft Box Girls, you know I love spray paint. I was so excited to get a guided tour of the Krylon booth at the show. I discovered products I had not used before and got insight on new products to come. One of my favorite products I discovered is the Krylon Sea Glass. It works just like a spray paint but is specifically made to give glass sheer finish. It comes in multiple colors but I am partial to the Sea Foam. Krylon Sea Glass is perfect for taking boring old glass vases and giving them a creative makeover. I took two vases and a mason jar and coated with 3-4 coats of the spray. Make sure to let each coat dry for 1-2 minutes before applying the next. The more coats you apply the less shear the finish will be. 

I was also very excited to learn that Krylon will be releasing a Stain Glass Spray Paint in Spring! Stay tuned for more information! Get your hands on the Sea Glass Spray Paint HERE

Happy Creating! 

xoxo LL


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  • Detra on

    I want a pair of sea glass looking lamps for my bed room. The ones I have found are over $100.00 each because it’s so popular. I found regular glass lamps on line for around $40.00. I’m going to buy those and then spray them myself for a sea glass look! So excited to see this product.

  • Sandra O'Connor on

    I have searched for years for a paint that would do just what Krylon Sea Grass does! I plan to paint my fake marble bathroom counter tops (not plastic, but ground up material) and finish off with a non-shine clear finish to protect it from water stains. My house is almost 50 years old, called “Modern Style”…and now it will be with the new Krylon Sea Grass pints! Yea!

  • CBG Lynn on

    Leigh Ann, You spray paint this on the outside of the jars so you can absolutely safely put food inside!

  • Leigh Ann Koepp on

    Did you paint on the inside of the mason jars? I was thinking of putting chocolate covered pretzels inside but am not that the paint is safe for that?

  • Tanyaks on

    So, so glad I came across this – - My daughter has a beach wedding coming up and I want to use the mason jars to hang on shepherds hooks with flowers along the path – - looked at lots of ideas to color inside but this is so much easier – - I got my paint at Hobby Lobby. Thanks!

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