DIY Learning and Coloring Mat

by Chan Vu, Jan 11 2016

Kraft paper is the jack of all trades. I ordered these things by the bulk. Over the holidays, I used kraft paper as wrapping paper, decorative table liners and floor covers to prevent any potential holiday party mess.

Now that the holidays are over, I found another way to use kraft paper. It makes a great learning and coloring mat for kids of all ages. While babysitting my nephews, Noah age 9 and Ash age 2, I kept them busy by drawing on a long roll of kraft paper. I drew shapes of all sizes. I gave the boys a box of colorful chalks and let them color in the shapes. There were enough space on the paper to draw more shapes or combine the shapes into a picture. This helps Ash learn and say what he sees. Noah already knows his shapes at age 9 but it was nice watching him teach and bond with Ash over art and playtime. This is a great way to teach kids to identify shapes, how to color, draw, and play together. As a bonus, the chalk wipes right off if it gets on the furniture. Easy, breezy and affordable idea for babysitters, moms and dads to keep the kids busy for just a while longer.


Roll of kraft paper

Black marker

Colorful chalk


1. Print and cut out shapes or designs.

2. Trace it on the kraft paper.

3. Leave room on the paper for kids to draw their own shapes.

4. You can also try drawing animals or cars. Keep a theme for each coloring mat.

5. Display it in their room when they are done.

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