5 Out Of This World Doughnut Recipes

by Lynn Lilly, Nov 05 2015

November 5, 2015 is one of two National Doughnut Days! You might say how can there be two National Doughnut Days? I am not sure but you can read more on the National Holiday calendar.  I am not arguing one bit. I take this as an opportunity to have a sweet cheat day! Check out a few ideas and recipes to celebrate! 


Doughnut Burger: Slice one glazed donut in half and grill the inside on a grill pan or grill. Complete your burger with cheddar cheese, bacon and pickles. Sounds odd but I think it will grow on you after you first bite! 


Baked Doughnuts: I have fried doughnuts many of times but I was on the hunt for baked doughnut recipes and I was really happy with the Sugar Doughnut recipes I discovered on Food.com. I used a silcion doughnut pan to get an authentic shape. 


Doughnut Jars: Cut a glazed donut into small pieces and layer in a mason jar with icing, sprinkles and toppings like cookies, peanuts, marshmallows, oreos or peanut butter cups.

Churro Doughnuts: I created this delicious recipe last year to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. It was a crowd pleaser!!  


Mini Cake Batter Doughnuts: I used my mini Baby Cakes doughnut maker and boxed cake batter to create bite sized treats. Cook them 1.5-2 minutes before removing from the press.

Enjoy celebrating! 


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