DIY Gold Leafing

by Chan Vu, Nov 01 2014

Gold is making a comeback. This holiday season, turn everything you touch into gold with my four easy steps to applying gold leaf. The fun thing about gold leaf is that you can do this to anything that has a glossy or non porous surface. All you need is to pick up a gold leaf kit at Binders Art Suppliesalong with three paint brushes then you are on your way to having the Midas touch. Here is a project I did with the Mona Lisa Imitation Gold Leaf Kit.

Four Steps to Gold Leaf Letters:
  1. On a clean surface, apply adhesive with a fine point brush by neatly filling in the letters. (Letters were drawn using a stencil.) 
  2. When the adhesive is dry but tacky, lay a sheet of imitation gold leaf over the letters. 
  3. Use a clean brush to press and sweep the gold leaf on the letters. Continue brushing the excess gold leaf and the rest will wipe away. 
  4. Use a clean brush to apply a thin layer of sealer over the letters. This locks in the gold leaf giving the surface a shiny finish. 
Once you complete your first gold leaf project, you will want to make more. What I like about this gold leaf kit is that there are plenty of adhesive, gold leaf sheets and sealer to work your magic. Pick up this kit today and have fun with gold leaf!
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