3D Paper Flower Backdrop

by Chan Vu, Nov 25 2014
Wedding backdrops add pop and 100% wow factor to where you say "I do". Every effort and detail that goes into your backdrop leaves a lasting memory for you and your guests. 
Anything can be used as a backdrop. Colorful pinwheels, bright pom poms, stringing lights and 3D paper flowers are just a few examples of a creative wedding backdrop. The most compliments I've gotten from a backdrop is the 3D paper flower backdrop. Now I'm sharing this tutorial just to CBG readers. 
3D Paper Flower
You will need:
8 X 11.5 white computer papers
glue stick
foam board
1. Draw a flower petal large enough to cover the entire sheet. Cut 6 petals of the same size. Draw 5 smaller petals about half the size of the larger petals.Split the bottom petal like in the photo.
2. Lay the petals out to resemble a flower. This is how you will attach the pieces.
3. Apply glue to one side of the split and attach it by overlapping the other flap. Your petal should look semi-cone like.
4. Glue the bottom of the petals together. Keep the large petals on the bottom layer. The smaller petals are for the top layer. 
5. Cut 4 inch long strips of paper and curl the strips by gliding the strips along the scissor blade.
6. Glue the ends of the curls to the center of the flower. This is the pollen.
7. Make plenty of these 3D paper flowers to fill a white foam board. Use mod podge or a glue gun to attach the flowers. Connect multiple foam boards for a wider backdrop. Hang them on a backdrop stand or attach it to a wall.
Note: You can use colorful papers to make a vibrant 3D paper flower backdrop. Draw different petal shapes for a variety of flowers. The wider the foam board, the more flowers you will need.

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