DIY Shibori Kitchen Towels

by Chan Vu, Jan 16 2016
Shibori is a Japanese term for the various methods of dying textiles. It can be bound, twist, compressed, fold, rolled and many more. It's very similar to tie dyeing.  However, the prints from a shibori technique is more profound and predictable then tie dye. What started in Japan in the 8th Century with indigo dye has now turned into a wide array of vibrant textile dyes. Once the method is perfected, shibori can be done on linens, clothing, rugs, and scarves. I chose to make kitchen towels using thearashi nbsp;shibori method which is twisting, tying, and scrunching the fabric tightly around a pole. The end results are vibrant and stylish animal print kitchen towels. 
I dyed my shibori towels with Jacquard Textile Fabric Dye purchased at the Binders Art Supply and Frame store. They had a good selection of colors so I picked yellow and sapphire blue. These supplies can be purchased at their online store as well. Each bottle of Jacquard can dye up to two towels.
You will need:
  1. Wrap one towel diagonally around the pole.
  2. Tie a string on the end of the pole and wrapping the string around the pole tightly leaving 1 cm between the strings.
  3. Scrunch the towel together.
  4. Paint the dye on with a brush. Let dry for 24 - 48 hours.
  5. Remove the string and pull the towel off the pole. Iron if necessary.
Remember that you are working with dye and it can stain other fabric in the wash. I recommend hand washing the towels in cold water the first 3-5 times before washing it with other fabrics. 
Challenge yourself the various shibori techniques and have fun with it!
To check out more of Chan's DIY projects visit her blog Sweets by Chan

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