DIY New Mom Totes

by Chan Vu, May 02 2015

In celebration of Mother's Day, I wanted to share a thoughtful and personal gift idea anyone can make for the new mom or soon-to-be mom in their life (i.e. girlfriend, sister, co-worker, etc...).  Give this personalized canvas tote with a multi-purpose solution. Voila! Smiles all around!  Your creation bag can carry groceries, work-out clothes, baby items, beach gear and much more. The best part is the personalized message displayed on the bag. Hello, NEW MOM! She will continue to enjoy the special attention just as she did during pregnancy. This gift is made with love and cannot be purchased anywhere. 

You will need:
1 canvas bag
craft paint (any color)
sponge brush
letter stencils
2 bows
1 sheet of cardstock or cardboard 
hot glue gun with glue
masking tape
Directions: (Click on the hyperlinks for additional tutorials)
1. Purchase or make a canvas bag in the colors you want. Choose from color blocks or fun patterns.
2. Slide cardstock/cardboard directly underneath the canvas layer you will paint on to prevent paint from seeping through.
3. Position the stencil where you want the image and use masking tape to keep the stencil in place.
4. Once the stencil is in position, use a sponge brush to paint the message you want on the canvas tote by gently patting the space in the stencil with your sponge. Don't push down too firmly as your paint may bleed through or beyond the stencil lines. You may want to do this in several layers to achieve a bright and bold color. Allow time to dry.
5. Add a bow tie or fabric flower on each side of the canvas bag using the glue gun. Other fun add-ons can be a mustache, truck, puppy, silk flower, burlap bow, rhinestones or iron-on-transfers. Be creative and personalize to suit the new mother!
6. Allow paint and glue to dry completely before starting on the other side.
When you finish, you will realize how easy and fun it was to personalize a canvas tote. You may want one for yourself. 
Enjoy the #sweetlife!

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