Bikini Upcycle

by Laura Moore, Jul 01 2014
Bikini season is in full swing and if you’ve gone shopping for a new one lately, you know all about the crazy prices swimwear goes for these days. And I bet you have a bikini or two in your closet that’s still in great shape but you’re just bored with it. We’ve all been there and I am definitely guilty of having a few bikinis I just don’t feel like wearing anymore, so I decided to give one of my old bikinis a make over, as I was inspired by some of the lingerie style bikinis from Beach Bunny Swimwear
What you’ll need:
  • Bikini top and bottom
  • 1 1/2 to 2 yards of stretchable lace (I purchased mine from
  • Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Glue
  • Foam Sponge Brush
Step 1:
You want to make sure the swimsuit is clean and clear of dust or dirt, so it’s best to wash and dry the swimsuit before you start. Once you are ready to begin, the the bikini flat and play with the lace to see how you want it to lay. Remove the string from the bikini before applying glue and lace. This will allow for the lace to dry flat on the bikini. For the bikini top, I left 1/2” of lace to hang and fold over the edges. 
Step 2:
Measure the width of the lace and then add glue to the area of the bikini top in which the lace will cover. Spread glue around with foam brush. You want a decent amount of glue on the bikini, however, you don’t want it super thick and soaking in glue. Somewhere in between will work fine, plus it’s easier to add more glue than it is to remove it. After you spread the glue, lay the lace down over it and pat it down gently to secure it to the bikini top. Allow to dry for about 30 minutes and then turn bikini top over to back side and wrap the edges of the bikini with a dot of glue and the ends of the lace. Once it completely dries, use a safety pin to help put the bikini string back through the bikini top.
Step 3:
I decided to cut the strings off the bikini bottom and use the lace as the waist band. Make sure you measure your waist before cutting the lace. If you are concerned about the bikini bottom falling off your waist, add some glue dots to the inside of the lace that will be laying on your skin. The glue dots will add a secure, plastic like grip and will prevent the bottoms from falling. Follow the same steps for gluing the lace to the bottoms. You can either glue or sew the raw edges together when ready to secure the finished waistband. Allow to dry for up to 24 hours before wearing, but do not wash or get wet for at least 48 hours. Wash in cool water on gentle cycle. 
Enjoy your hot new sexy bikini and have great summer!

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