Easy Halloween Flower Bouquet

by Allison Cawley Vayda, Oct 10 2015

Sometimes it's fun to break out of the ordinary and do something totally out of character... that's why I LOVE Halloween!  As much as I love decorating in white and light or bright colors, I take full advantage of Halloween with lots of dark and spooky decor.  A super simple way to add a little Halloween festivity to your home is the make an Easy Halloween Flower Bouquet. 



  1. Lay your flowers on a drop cloth and spray paint the face up side of flowers all over with black paint until all color is covered.   Let Dry. 
  2. Turn your flowers over and spray the other side until all color is covered. Let Dry.
  3. Assemble the flowers together in a vase of your choice - Enjoy! 


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