Fall Garden Tips DIY Planter

by Allison Cawley Vayda, Sep 25 2015

While lot of people think of the spring as the season of fresh flowers and new gardens, I actually love the fall too!  Its great because the weather is cooling down and you can spend more time outside enjoying your gardens and potted plants.  Here are a few tips on how to make your fall potted garden pop:

-          Use pots with different shapes and sizes to add dimension to the potted plants together

-          Choose some plants that will give you height, and then fill in around them with smaller fillers like low profile flowers and herbs. 

-          Add even more of a variety to the look by placing your potted plants in a group on stairs, benches, or tables. 

-            In addition to the typical decorative display of pumpkins, mums, and gourds… try adding some flowering cabbage or kale to provide more color variation.  Bonus that their color intensify as the weather gets colder! 

-          Try using pumpkin planters as your alternative to a typical pot.  Just make sure you choose a pumpkin that is large enough to cover the plant pot inside, and choose a plant variation that drapes over the edge of the top of the pumpkin where you cut it out. 

So in addition to sharing a few quick ideas on putting together a great potted garden this fall, I wanted to show you a neat trick when planting your DIY Potted Urn.


1         Pick out your urn/pot and make sure that your plant(s) will fit inside.  You may need 1-2 plants for a small pot, 3-4 plants to fill a medium, or 5+ to fill a very large pot.

2        Drill holes in the bottom of the urn to make sure it has proper drainage.  

3        Fill the bottom of your urn with pieces of Styrofoam to provide some irrigation and substance to the bottom of the urn.  It will be a lot less expensive to fill in half the urn with Styrofoam then layering potting soil on top, than filling the entire urn with potting soil. 

4        Add potting soil and your plant to the urn.  Fill in with extra potting soil around the top. 

5        Water generously.

6        Enjoy!



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