Smoked Turkey, Brie & Pear Sliders

by Lynn Lilly, Aug 07 2015

I love simple and tasty. My specialty Turkey & Brie Sliders only take 10 minutes to prepare (at the most) and will be devoured in minutes.

  • Recommended Bread: Kaiser Sliders or King Hawaiian Rolls
  • Turkey Boars Head Maple Honey Turkey
  • Brie Brie wheels are located near the deli counter in the gourmet cheese section of your local market
  • Pears (1 per 5 sandwiches)
  • Dressing Drop of Honey
  • 1 x12 inch Scrapbook paper
  • Scotch tape


  1. Cut the scrapbook paper into 12x3 inch strips
  2. Slice bread in half
  3. Slice pair into 1/4 inch thick slices
  4. Slice brie into 1/4 inch slices. I prefer to remove the rind but that is up to you.
  5. Layer one piece of turkey, one piece of brie and one slice of pear on the bottom slice of bread
  6. Add a dime size drop of honey on the top half of the bread
  7. Place the top on the sandwich
  8. Fold your 12x3 inch scrapbook strips into a 12x1 inch strips and wrap around the sandwich. Secure with a piece of scotch tape. 
  9. Display the sandwiches on a platter or slider plates
xoxo- LL

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