DIY Football Coasters

by Allison Cawley Vayda, Jan 28 2016
With every party, you need to have the proper food and beverage to entertain. That's no different for a Super Bowl party with lots of football fans. So to make sure that you're protected from those terrible little ring stains on your furniture, try making these easy Football Coasters for a little extra gameday decor. 
Green Felt
Hot Glue Gun
Thin Small Paintbrush
White Acrylic Paint
1. Cut the green felt to fit the same size square as your square tile.
2. Add a small dime size drop of hot glue to each corner of felt and immediately lay it flat over the top of the tile. 
3. Alternate painting white field lines on one edge of the felt with every other line length alternating too.  Then add matching field lines to the other edge.  
4. Make small white numbers every other field line to signify the marks on the field. 
5. Let dry & enjoy!
So the next time you're watching the big game, make sure you've got a set of essential football coasters to use and decorate with!
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