DIY Nautical Rope Votive

by Allison Cawley Vayda, Feb 07 2016

Easy DIY Rope Votive:

When you find a ton of rope at the thrift store on the cheap, if you're like me, you immediately start imagining how you can craft it into something amazing.  In this case, I decided to make a quick little Nautical inspired rope votive. 
Supplies Needed:

1.  Start at the bottom of the votive and glue the end of the rope to the edge.  
2.  Using the hot glue gun, work in small sections as you fill in with hot glue and cover it with the rope. 
3.  After you reach the top of the votive, trim the rope at an angle to allow the rope to snugly fit against the top row. 
4.  Add candle & enjoy!

candle cat-home home Nautical rope Votive

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