Stencil Easter Eggs

by Chan Vu, Mar 28 2015

There are hundreds of ways to decorate Easter eggs. I love my eggs vibrant and decorative. It's a bonus when it takes no time at all. This Easter, I used  paper stencils with a gold ink pad to add unique shapes and contrasts to the eggs. The results are egg-stravagant!  

You will needs:
  • 1 sheet of 14x14 cardstock, cut to 6-8 strips
  • 2 kinds of craft edge punchers
  • a dozen boiled eggs
  • food color of your choice
  • gold ink pad
  • distilled vinegar
  • hot water
1. In a bowl, add hot water, 2 tablespoons distilled vinegar and three drops of food color. Use separate bowls for different colors.
2. Stir the eggs around the bowl to absorb the colors. The longer the eggs stay in the bowl, the richer the colors.
3. Remove eggs from the bowl of dye. Dry the eggs and let it cool.
4. Use the cardstock strips and edge punchers to create stencils. 
5. Lay the stencil over the gold ink pad.
6. Roll the egg over the stencil and ink. Let the egg sit in the egg carton to dry.
7. Continue to roll each egg over the stencils and ink pad for a variety of designs. It's OK to be a little messy. Rustic gold stencils are perfect for this look. 
Now you have beautifully decorated Easter eggs like no other in such a short time. 

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