7 Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

by Lynn Lilly, Apr 12 2019

Bored with the traditional methods of dying Easter eggs? Get creative by using craft supplies and other household goods. Check out these 7 ways to spice up your egg decorating skills: 

*Boil eggs and let them cool before decorating
  1. Stained Glass Window Design: Brush your egg with Mod Podge and lay pieces of tissue paper on the egg. Use fingers and brush to smooth tissue.
  2. Sharpie Art: Grab a thin point Sharpie and let your creative juices flow into a work of art.
  3. Washi Tape: Select two types of washi tape and cut into triangles, firmly press tape on the egg to create a desired design. 
  4. Personal Message: Use self adhering scrapbook letters to write a message or a name. Spell out your guests name and use as place cards for Easter Brunch.
  5. Glue Dots & Sparkles: Use scrapbooking glue dots and place them on the egg sporadically or in a patter. Sprinkle glitter over the glue dots. Wipe around the glue dots with a wet paper towel. 
  6. Scrapbook Egg: Decorate your egg with scrapbooking decor like bows and border garland. 
  7. Yarn Art: Dip yarn in Mod Podge and lay it on your egg in a desired pattern 
Happy Easter! 
xoxo- LL

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