Last Minute Easter Basket Stuffers

by Lynn Lilly, Apr 11 2019

Are you a last minute lucy? Are you struggling for quick and inexpensive ideas for kids of all ages! I got you covered! 

DIY Easter Basket Ideas

Lip Balm Easter Eggs:

Lip balm Easter eggs is the perfect basket stuffer for older kids! Think about stuffing the rest of their basket with spa accessories, sample size cosmetics and succulent!

Spa Easter Basket

Directions: Soften coconut oil in the microwave for 15-20 seconds. Pour a small amount of Kool-Aid into a bowl. Add a few tablespoons of water and a pinch of sugar and stir. Add a few drops of the Kool-Aid mixture to the softened coconut oil and whisk until you get your desired color. Using tape cover any open holes in the plastic Easter eggs. My eggs have two small holes in the bottom. Place eggs open in a muffin tin. Pour coconut oil into the bottom half of the eggs. Let the mixture solidify for 2 hours. Once it is solid it is ready to go. Close up the egg for transport. Keep in a cool place. Coconut oil will liquefy in hot environments! 

DIY Kool Aid Lip Balm

Felt/Foam Egg pockets:

Draw and cut an egg shape. Trace a second egg shape. Cut out the bottom half of the egg. This will be the pocket. Cut out a pattern for the pocket if you want to get extra crafty! Use a hot glue gun to attach the pocket and decorations. Fill with candy, pens, washi tape, etc! 

DIY Felt Easter Egg Pockets

Easter Cuties:

Mason Jar Duckie: Cut two mini cupcake liners in half for the duckie feet and wings. Attach to bottom and side of the jar with hot glue. Cut a triangle from cardstock for the nose and attach with hot glue. Add googly eyes. Fill with yummy candy! 

Terra Cotta Pot Bunny: Paint a small terra cotta pot white. While it is drying cut bunny ears out of pink and white cardstock. When the pot is dry, add cheeks with pink paint. Let dry. Draw nose and whiskers with a sharpie. Attach ears with hot glue! Fill with your favorite treats! 

DIY Easter Basket Stuffers

DIY Easter Basket Stuffers

Happy Easter! 

xoxo -LL

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