Valentine Love Coupons

by Allison Cawley Vayda, Feb 10 2016
Whenever it's time to think outside the box for gift giving, you don't have to break the bank to give a great gift, just use a little creative imagination! 
With Valentine's Day around the corner, an easy and fun way to show the one you love just how much you care, is by extending the gift of giving with a book of Love Coupons.  With a book of Valentine Love Coupons, you can customize exactly how you'll go above and beyond in acts of kindness for your love.  So whether you are using some of the templates attached or customizing them to be the perfect fit for your relationship, it couldn't be easier! 
Print the coupons and just cut them out along the outside. Using a hole punch on the two white dots, punch two holes out on one end.  Cut a piece of ribbon 7-9 inches long.  Thread the ribbon through each of the coupon holes.  Once each of the coupons have been threaded together, tie the ends of each ribbon into a bow on the top of the coupon book.
Voila!  You've got a great homemade gift that comes straight from the heart!
Click here for your free printable Love Coupons!
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Allison Cawley

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