Mini Naked Celebration Cakes

by Chan Vu, Mar 03 2016

There are always something to celebrate throughout the year. Baby showers, wedding showers, weddings, engagements, birthdays, housewarming, graduations, and even job promotions are special occasions worth celebrating with family and friends. We spend endless hours thinking of ways to set up the perfect décor, tastiest foods and most creative drinks to entertain our guests. The most iconic party necessity noteworthy of any celebration is the cake. Celebration cakes can be expensive. If you are like us and DIY your own parties on a budget then try this money saving, cleaver and creative idea on serving alternative celebration cakes.

Cupcakes are still a great idea to entertain. However, mini naked cakes are the most trending celebration cakes this year. It's called a naked cake because there are minimal frosting used in decorating this cake. It’s easy to make and so affordable for your budget. You can impress a crowd with these mini naked celebration cakes for under $10! We promise!


Pound Cake


Cookie cutter


Piping bag

Rosemary Sprigs

White Ribbon

Gold Letting 

Mini Kabob Sticks



Make the rosemary wreath by tying the ends of the sprig together with a ribbon. Run the scissor blade to curl the ends of the ribbon. Take gold lettings and glue the back to the mini kabob sticks. Set these cake toppers aside.

 Cut the pound cake using the cookie cutter. You can make three mini cakes from a regular pound cake. Use a knife to cut the cake rounds in three equal parts to make the layers of the cake. Fill the piping bag with frosting. Snip off the tip of the piping bag and start piping a consistent swirl on top of each layer. 

Stack the layers directly on top of each other. Add the rosemary wreath and gold letting to the top layer of each naked cake.

 How easy was that? These mini naked celebration cakes will add more joy and excitement to your festivities! Your guests will be impressed. To you, this was simple “a piece of cake” to make. 

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