Baby Bandana Bib

by Chan Vu, Jul 25 2016

I can't get enough of playing with my 4 month old nephew, Jax. Unfortunately, he is notorious for his infinite drooling. He soaks my shirt whenever I hold him. He is at the start of the teething age so drooling is inevitable. He needs a bib that gets the job done while maintaining his baby swag. The solution is a baby bandana bib.

Bandana bibs are hard to find in stores. I found an easy way to make bandana bibs out of swaddle blankets with minimal sewing skills. Why swaddle blankets? Well, it adds a personal touch to re-purposing swaddle blankets Jax no longer needs and it's soft and absorbent to get the job done. It also has cute prints that are perfect for baby accessories. 

To make these adorable baby bandana bibs, follow these instructions below.


Baby swaddle blanket

fabric scissors

Iron-on Velcro straps 


measuring tape

sewing machine

 1. Fold the swaddle blanket in half and cut the swaddle blanket in a triangle, measuring 12X12X15 for a 4 month old. Add two inches for every additional month. You should have two pieces of triangles. Round off the the corners of the triangle.

How to cut a Baby Bandana bib

2. Flip the triangle pieces over. In the center of the longest triangle side, cut a deep curve two inches into the triangle. 

3. Sew the triangle pieces together using a basic straight stitch on a sewing machine. Leave a 3 inch opening.

4. Flip the bib in-side-out, fold the sides inward and sew a straight stitch closing the 3 inch opening. 

5. Cut a small piece of iron-on Velcro strap. Iron the fastener to the corner end and the hook on the opposite end of the other corner.  Do this again but iron the Velcro 1 inch in from the corner giving the bib room for adjustments. 

Velcro for bandana bibs

6. Iron the bib out flat and it's ready for use.

Bandana Bibs

Now that the bib is done, Jax can wear this bandana bib and still keep his swag. As he grows a little, the Velcro fastener allows small adjustments to fit his neck. This DIY project is so easy I can keep making him more adorable bandana bibs to keep him looking sharp and stylish. This makes a great baby shower gift as well.

baby bandana bib

Baby Bandana Bibs


Chan Vu

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