Back to School Bus Frame

by Chan Vu, Jul 24 2017

Every August, my social media feed is filled with back to school photos of my family and friends' kids. It's a new year with many new promising beginnings. That is why documenting their first day back to school is so important. But after the photo is shared, wouldn't it be great to print those photos and frame it around the house? A yellow back to school bus frame is definitely going to be the conversation piece.

Back to School Bus Frame supplies


16 wooden soldering sticks

yellow acrylic paint

black chalk paint

2 paint brushes

hot glue gun with glue stick

3 photos

2 black buttons

1  white button

white chalk marker

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1. Paint 14 wooden sticks yellow and 2 with black chalk paint. Let it dry.

2. Lay 4 yellow sticks 2 inches apart. Hot glue the top sticks with two yellow sticks. Then glue 5 yellow sticks on the two left columns. Next, glue 2 yellow sticks at the bottom of the two right columns. Add the 2 black sticks and finish with the last yellow sticks. (See photo in step 4.)

3. Hot glue the buttons for wheels and headlight.

4. Use the white chalk marker to write the school year on the black chalk part of  the bus.

Back to School Bus Frame

5. Glue the photos to the back of the frame so it'll appear in the windows of the bus.

Back to School Bus Frame

Now you have a fun back to school bus frame can hang on your kids wall. This is also a great school projects for grades K to 3rd. Getting kids to craft is the key to maintaining that creativity!

Back to School Bus Frame

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