Personalized Cricut Valentine's Day T-shirts for the Whole Family

by Lynn Lilly, Jan 15 2024

How stinkin' cute are we?

Personalized Cricut Family Conversation Heart Valentine's Day Shirts

This post is sponsored by Cricut but all thoughts and opinions are my own! 

I love matching family outfits, especially for the holidays. My Cricut Joy is my go-to tool for quickly crafting matching family outfits. I have the Cricut Maker and Explore and I love them both for different reasons but I love the Cricut Joy for how portable, quick and convenient it is! Not to mention it is so pretty! 

Many of you know that I recently had my second daughter, Isabella. Valentine's Day is our first major holiday as a family of 4 so of course we had to celebrate by creating matching conversation heart t-shirts. They all matched but I was able to personalize each shirt with everyones names! 

Personalized Cricut Family Conversation Heart Valentine's Day Shirts

Cricut Design Space makes creating a cinch. I created this design that you can customize for your family.


Personalized Cricut Family Conversation Heart Valentine's Day Shirts


  1. Open up my design in Cricut Design Space. You can adjust the size of the hearts. Measure your shirt to determine if the sizes I created work for your shirt. Make sure that the top and bottom heart are the exact same size.Personalized Cricut Family Conversation Heart Valentine's Day Shirts
  2. To edit the name hearts or edit any of the hearts, select the heart and select detach (bottom right corner). This will allow you to edit the text. Remember to select the heart and text box and attach before cutting. 
  3. Once your design is finalized select "Make It". 
  4. If you are using all Smart Iron-On select cut without a mat. I used Smart Iron-On and Everyday Iron-On so I selected the option to manually select. 
  5. Make sure to select each mat and toggle the mirror-on and select whether or not you are using a mat. 
  6. Select your material before cutting and feed your iron-on in the machine. Whether you are using a mat or Smart Iron-On the Cricut Joy is so smart it feeds your material in, measures to make sure you have enough and it aligns the material to ensure the cut is perfect. Personalized Cricut Family Conversation Heart Valentine's Day Shirts
  7. After all your materials are cut, weed and layout the design. Personalized Cricut Family Conversation Heart Valentine's Day Shirts
  8. Before getting started, use the EasyPress Heat Guide to determine the correct settings based on the material of your shirt. 
  9. Follow the instructions for pressing on the guide. 
  10. This is a layered press so you will need to press twice. Line up the first layer of hearts, press according to the instructions. Let the shirt cool, then peel. Personalized Cricut Family Valentine's Day ShirtsPersonalized Cricut Family Valentine's Day Shirts
  11. Next line up the top layer of the heart. Make sure it is exact! Press the second layer. You will not need to press the back of the shirt for this layer. Personalized Cricut Family Valentine's Day Shirts
  12. Let the shirt cool before peeling! Personalized Cricut Family Valentine's Day Shirts
  13. Repeat for each family members shirt! 

I am obsessed with how our shirts turned out!! 

 Personalized Cricut Family Valentine's Day Shirts

Lily had a ball modeling her shirt! 

Personalized Cricut Family Valentine's Day Shirts 

Doesn't Isabella look so sweet in her tiny little baseball shirt! 

 Personalized Cricut Family Valentine's Day T-shirts

I love how easy it was to design, personalize and make all 4 shirts in under an hour! If you are not a Cricut user yet and are thinking about getting a Cricut to create for a hobby I recommend getting the Cricut Joy. It is the easiest and simplest of all the Cricut Machines. It is perfect for personalizing projects, creating gifts, organizing around the house and more! 

If you want to learn more about the Cricut Joy check out the video I made when it launched last year. 


Lynn  :)


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